UX mentors workshop 2017

Google 5-day design sprint in an afternoon

During this workshop you learn how to solve UX design challenges using the now famous 5-day sprint.

Working together with your mentor in small teams, you will learn how to take a user centred design approach to overcome some of the common challenges organisations face during product discovery. You’ll find the sprint will give you a superpower - You'll be able to fast-forward into the future to see your finished product and see user reactions, before making any expensive commitments.

What you’ll learn

  • Define: We'll look how you can use journey mapping to help you understand your user’s needs.
  • Diverge: We'll sketch out as many ideas as possible to understand how we can meet our user's needs.
  • Decide: We'll choose the idea that best meets your challenge and desired outcome and develop it futher
  • Prototype: We'll build some prototypes!
  • Validate: We'll do some basic usability testing on your chosen concept and see what we learn

An opportunity
not to be missed